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Frequently Asked Questions For
Oregon Educators

Why should I become involved in NES/Oregon test development activities?

Participation in NES/Oregon test development activities provides educators with an opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from across the state and from various backgrounds in support of their profession and to contribute to the quality of public education in the state of Oregon for the 21st century.

How do I get involved in test development activities?

  1. Complete and submit a Professional Information Form.
  2. Immediately after submitting the PIF, follow the instructions for submitting your current résumé.

In what activities might I participate? What is the time commitment for each activity?

Currently, you could be involved in the following type of test development activity:

  • State Validation and Standard Setting Meeting. Educators review and validate test materials and recommend an Oregon passing standard for each NES test. This is typically a one-day meeting.

Where are the meetings conducted?

Most meetings take place at a conference/hotel facility in Portland, OR.

What are the incentives for my participation?

  • Each committee member will be paid a stipend of $350 per full meeting day and $175 per half meeting day.
  • Committee members will be provided with flight arrangements or will be reimbursed for their reasonable travel-related expenses.
  • Each committee member will be provided with hotel accommodations if necessary.

If the meeting is at a conference/hotel facility, should I make my own hotel reservations?

All hotel reservations for committee members will be made and provided directly by Evaluation Systems. Committee members will receive a confirmation e-mail from Evaluation Systems prior to the meeting.

May I invite colleagues to participate?

We would appreciate your nomination of any colleagues with professional qualifications similar to yours. Your colleagues can visit this Web site ( to submit a Professional Information Form, or they may contact the Committee Recruitment Group at Evaluation Systems by phone at (800) 877-4595 or by e-mail at